ptsd  resilence Unfortunately, most of us know the term PTSD- post traumatic stress disorder from the many who have suffered different types of trauma. Trauma can be the result of either a physical or emotional experience.   Although the disorder PTSD has some very specific criteria, feeling as if you have experienced some distressing or disturbing event is not unusual for those who have been diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer.

An alternative outcome of cancer can be Post- Traumatic Growth.

This refers to the positive psychological changes that can result from  highly challenging life circumstances .  The idea that suffering can yield positive change is thousands of years old.  Some of these changes  are  – a greater appreciation of life, a changed sense of priorities, warmer more intimate relationships, a greater sense of personal strength, and recognition of new possibilities or paths for one’s life and spiritual development.   I ask you to think about some of these ideas and if you can identify positive changes in your life since you were diagnosed. I am not trying to minimize the struggles you have gone through. I am simply asking you to take some time to think about what has resulted from cancer that has enhanced your life and  your personal  growth. You might like to go to a Web site on the American Psychological web page and take the Post Traumatic Growth Inventory.  It is a interesting view of the kinds of changes that can happen.

We have talked about how healing is finding balance and involves the mind, body, and spirit. Here is  a definition of Health by Reverend Stan Hampton in Palo Alto, California


Chinese-Word-of-Crisis Another view of trauma  is from the Chinese who have a symbol for CRISIS which includes both DANGER and  OPPORTUNITY.  Of course, no one wants crisis in their life, but when it is presented, you can work to move into the realm of  possibilities and Post -Traumatic Growth.




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