resilienceClearly facing any type of loss, challenges our resolve and will to cope. How is it that some of us manage to find the strength and ability to weather the storm? This ability is known as RESILIENCY.

We are not necessarily born with this trait, but can work to find the tools to build a resilient spirit and attitude. Just like our physical body, we must work to build this muscle. The following have been shown to help build and strengthen this resilient muscle:

  • Make connections with others- isolation leads only to depression and feeling more alone and overwhelmed.
  • Avoid seeing crisis as an impossible problem. How you label what is happening to you impacts your ability to manage the situation. What other word can you describe the problem other than crisis?
  • Work to accept that change is a part of life. Despite how much we all love things to stay the same, they never do.
  • Move towards some small goal and take some decisive action.
  • Have some ways to reduce your stress- some form of mental and physical relaxation. Try to find healthy ways other than alcohol or some other form of escapism that is not good for your body or spirit.
  • Learn some tools to express yourself and create some daily ritual- writing or journaling, meditation, or some form of spiritual practice.
  • Look to find some reason to feel HOPE- although there may be difficult times, seek something to feel hopeful about – no matter how small it may be at this time.
  • Remember that Self Care is vital for any healing to occur.

Think about what events have been most stressful for you. How did those events affect you both emotionally and physically? Who have you found to support you? What kinds of people and situations help you feel more hopeful in the face of stressful life events?

Think about someone you know that has had a difficult time and been challenged to move forward from a loss, illness or any event which has been really stressful for them. How did they handle their challenge? What did you see in them that might serve as a guide for you in how you might manage your struggle? What did you see that helps you know you need a different path and approach to this challenge?

Being resilient does not mean that you will not have struggles and challenges. There is no avoiding pain in this life. The journey or path can be quite arduous with many turns and roadblocks. Finding the tools to help you navigate the path is the work we must do.   What is one step that you can take to further your moving towards the RESILIENT PATH you need for your healing?

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