Dear Faithful Readers

After spending some time with my four- year old granddaughter, I realize that it is time “for a pause”. While she thinks she is too old for a nap ( and I now know the value of one), her mother insists that each day, she takes time out for a “pause” . I began this website almost five years ago. I have tried to provide some tools to help you with the ever -changing challenges of life. Although this site started with a focus on Cancer survivorship ,it has evolved to include anyone who is seeking tools on managing life’s challenges. Recognizing the importance of mind, body, and spirit to find your healing and wholeness has always been my goal .

Although there is no end to what could be written about the topic of Survivorship, I am going to “take a pause” from sending out scheduled blogs. I am going to focus my energy into trying to pull together my writing and work over the past thirty- five years into perhaps a book. Not sure of the final product, but it is time to try!!

I may occasionally send out a blog or update, but will not do so on a scheduled basis. I hope that you will refresh your memory and look at some of the past 90 blogs on this website when you want a little “food for thought”. I appreciate all your past support and welcome any comments from you. My wish is for all of you to move forward on your own unique healing path.

I wrote this poem years ago and never sent it out. Not great poetry, but it comes from the heart. You will hear from me again. I hope my pause will redirect my creative energy in a way that is  refreshed, renewed, and restored. Thanks for your support. I have truly appreciated all your interest.

                        MANY PATHS TO HEALING

  There are many paths to healing

      Many roads to love and life.

 There is light along this journey

      To guide you along your way.

 The path, at times, is steep and narrow

      Your footing may not always be sure.

 Turn to seek those along with you

      To support the climb and soften the falls.

 Tune into the signals your body is giving you

      To discover the voice of your own direction.

 There are many paths to healing

      Many roads to love and life.






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