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These recordings, created by Dr. Louise Lubin, offer a more in-depth view on a variety of topics that play an important role in your Journey Beyond the Diagnosis. The topics address the Knowledge of the Body, the Power of the Mind, and the Wisdom of the Spirit.

8 Tips to Improve the Dance of Communication

COMMUNICATINGLearn tips to help you improve the outcome of those difficult conversations that occur when life gets stressful and effective communication is needed.

8 Tips to Improve the Dance of Communication

Experience Time in a Mindful Way

lotus with duckTime takes on a different quality and meaning after a diagnosis of cancer. Learn how Mindfulness can help you gain awareness of how to live your time in an expanded way.

Experience Time in a Mindful Way – 4

Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness

forgivenessForgiveness is moving from the victim to the hero role to build  a stronger and more healthy  life. This podcast is influenced by Dr. Luskin’s, Forgive for Good.

Give youreself the Gift of Forgiveness

Guided Imagery

Research has shown the effectiveness of Guided Imagery on health, creativity and performance. Experience how this gentle, but powerful tool can provide a sense of calm, relaxation, and safety.

Your Safe Place

Iswiss mts rocksListen to this guided imagery to allow your mind to go to your Safe Place to reduce stress and bring a sense of relaxation and peace.

Safe Place Imagery

Awakening the Healer Within

hawaii 3Connecting to your body’s own natural ability to heal and find balance is possible when you quiet your mind and body. This guided imagery tape will help you Awaken the Healer Within.

Awakening the Healer Within -3

Dr. Lubin @ Sentara

Dr. Louise Lubin is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Norfolk, Virginia since 1981. She is on the Community Faculty at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and practices adult psychotherapy and marital and family therapy. A major focus of her work over the last thirty years has been in Health Psychology with an emphasis on Cancer as a chronic illness. She has developed programs “Many Paths to Healing” for hospital systems and physician groups to provide patients with the tools necessary to cope and manage the emotional challenges of illness. These programs focus on harnessing the knowledge of the body, the power of the mind, and the wisdom of the spirit.

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